DDC8  $30.00
*Countdown lure 
*Hard Maple
*Length  8''
*Weight  4oz.
*Available in straight and jointed
*Dual tow eyes on the adjustable stainless steel lip
  the upper setting provide a very tight wiggle, while
  the lower setting gives the lure a darting action from
  right to left

DS8  $30.00
*Length  8''
*Weight  3oz.
*Dives  2'-6'
*Available in straight and jointed
*Adjustable stainless steel lip
*The DS8 has a distictive wobble and is very versitle
as it can be casted or trolled against shallow rocks
and stumps.

C10  $40.00
*Length  10"
*Weight  5oz.
*Dives 4'-6' casted
*3/16" Lexan Lip that is pinned in the lure with nails and then locked in with the top coat
*This lure has a tremendous side flash with its flat sided body.
*Troll, Crank, Jerk, Twitch, it loves everyone of them.
*Available in larger and smaller versions.

DS12  $40.00
*Length  12''
*Weight  6oz.
*Dives  2'-6'
*Available in jointed only
*Ajustable stainless steel lip
*The DS12 is made for trolling, you can cast it but be
warned you will get tired fast.
*This lure has to be seen in the water to believe the
moves it has.  The lure does about everything except
come with a musky attached to it.

DD8  $30.00
*Hard Maple
*Length  8''
*Weight  3 1/2oz.
*Dives  12'-16'
*Available in straight and jointed
*Adjustable stainless steel lip
*This lure has a very hard wobble and is great for
pounding deep rocks

CS7  $30.00
*Length  7''
*Weight  3oz.
*Dives  1'-3'
*Clear lexan lip
*Excellent choice for shallow weeds or for the slop
*This lures has alot of role with great side flash